We believe you don't need to go far away for a good vacation...

We believe Ukraine has a lot to offer to a foreign tourist: unique nature, extensive history and local hospitality. That's why we decided to create a small hotel in a distant little village on a Black Sea shore. Being travelers ourselves we made it comfortable and strive to provide a home-like atmosphere for our guests. And on the wide terraces you can sit with the whole family and enjoy the fresh forest air.

Our Chateau Saffron is lost in the depths of Bessarabia, next to the pine forest, the salt waters of the Burnas lake and the wide sandy spit that separates the lake from the Black Sea. The ecosystem of this region is unique, therefore these territories were included in the national natural park "Tuzlovsky Limans".

About Lebedevka

Lebedevka is a small resort with a long history. It was founded more that 200 years ago by German, invited to settle here by Catherine the Great. Surrounded by the Black Sea, small pine forest and salty lagoons with therapeutic muds, Lebedevka always attracted travelers as a recreational resort. 

In the beginning of the 20th century Romanians ruled this region and built a sanatorium in Lebedevka. We take pride that King of Romania Mihai I and the Chief of Poland Jozef Pilsudski came here to recreate themselves and enjoy the unique nature.

Lebedevka is located in the heart of Bessarabia, in the place where a wide 35 km long sandy spit starts, dividing the stormy waves of the Black Sea from the quiet salty lagoons. These lagoons form their own unique ecosystem which attracts lots of migratory birds moving from Africa to Europe and back. To protect this piece of wildlife, the national park "Tuzlovsky Limans" was established.

Шато Шафран

Where to live?

View photos of our rooms and read what's in them

Things to do?

You can fish, taste wine, climb through the ancient fortress and be a little pilgrim

What to eat?

Bessarabian cuisine, fresh fruits and vegetables, cool lemonades

Interesting near?

We are located next to the Natural Park "Tuzlovsky Limans" and therefore we have something to see