We believe you don't need to go far away for a good vacation...

After all, we have beautiful wild corners in our country, our beaches are wide, and the sea is blue and salty. But there is still southern cuisine and hospitality, which will not leave anyone indifferent!

Therefore, for the same people who also love Ukraine, we opened a small and cozy hotel in Lebedevka, on the Black Sea coast near Odessa.

Our Chateau Saffron is lost in the depths of Bessarabia, next to the pine forest, the salt waters of the Burnas Estuary and the wide sandy spit that separates the estuary from the Black Sea. In the spring around the bright colors blossom field flowers, and in the summer steppe air brings the smell of steppe grass. The ecosystem of this region is unique, therefore these territories were included in the national natural park "Tuzlovsky Limans".

Our hotel in Lebedevka, we conceived and for a comfortable stay with children in the summer by the sea. Therefore, in addition to the double rooms, we created cozy and cool two-room rooms, which have everything you need: air conditioning, TV, refrigerator and wi-fi. And on the wide terraces you can sit with the whole family and enjoy the fresh forest air.

On the territory of the hotel there is a cafe where you can eat the first, second and even compote)) And our cook is also excellent at grilling meat and grilled fish, so it's definitely worth a try.

And most importantly, we treat our clients as our guests. Therefore, we will tell that there is an interesting nearby, we will dilute it with stories from life and help with any questions that arise.

About Lebedevka

Our resort village is located in the heart of Bessarabia, in the place where the wide sandy spit starts, dividing the stormy waves of the Black Sea from the quiet surface of the salt lakes.

These salt lakes, which we call the estuaries in the south, form their own unique ecosystem. Migratory birds are frequent guests here, and if you look well, you can find many plants from the Red Book of Ukraine. And in these estuaries full of fish. So, known for the songs, Constantine probably from Lebedevka brought mullets to the shantas)) To protect this piece of wildlife, here in 2010 the national park "Tuzlovsky Limans" was established.

Lebedevku separates from the bustling and beautiful Odessa only 2 hours drive, but on arrival you are waiting for a beautiful and leisurely land, where there is enough space on the beach for everyone, and gentle descent into the water is ideal for rest with children.

Wikipedia and the old-timers say that Lebedevka was founded by German colonists, and the Romanian king himself came to rest here. And local legends say that in the 60s this year the Odessa region wanted to rent the French and make their own resort here.

Whatever it was, I can not convey to you the beauty and picturesqueness of our region, so come and see for yourself!

Шато Шафран

Where to live?

View photos of our rooms and read what's in them

Things to do?

You can fish, taste wine, climb through the ancient fortress and be a little pilgrim

What to eat?

Bessarabian cuisine, fresh fruits and vegetables, cool lemonades

Interesting near?

We are located next to the Natural Park "Tuzlovsky Limans" and therefore we have something to see